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Why Choose Us?

01. We know talent when we see it

What's the difference between one Javascript developer and another? In a group of mobile app developers, who should one pick one of them? We know how to spot the ones that can handle the most complex projects, the ones that have an eye for a great user experience, the ones with an entrepreneurial mindset that will help our clients succeed.

02. We find talent where others don't even think to search

Our recruiting goes beyond using the LinkedIn search. We think outside the box to find lifelong learners, tinkerers & makers and passionate people. We also search both locally and globally but only bringing our clients the top talents.

03. Our process

We have a rigorous recruitment process that includes tests of both technical skills and soft skills. We look for experienced self starters that can pick your project up and run with it. We look for positive individuals that make for great team mates.

04. We take care of our employees

We recognize that our employees are the heart of our business and we strive to give them all the support they need, provide continuous education, help them find conferences to keep up to date with cutting edge in their field.

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